Cameroon Photos -- August 2005
With the women of AGLOW and a session on
disability awareness
Grace Tait -- a retired
Chicago school teacher
with some of the orphaned
children she ministers to
Some of the many photos taken during our
ministry in Cameroon. Scroll down to see more
Amie, a woman with a mild physical
disability, and Florence. Amie had a
stroke while pregnant and became
disabled. Her husband kept the
children, but "dismissed" Amie.
Participants in the Disability Awareness
and Ministry Seminar at Bamenda
Teaching on Disability Awareness and
Ministry at the Center for Biblical Studies
in Bafoussam
Some students at the CEFED Special
School arrived early for the new term.
With us in the photo are Magdalene,
her sister Anna who serves as teacher,
a sign language teacher, and the
school nurse
Some of the staff at the CEFED office
in Bamenda, along with Magdalene
and some Board members
Students from the Leadership Training class at the Center for
Biblical Studies in Bamenda
Distributing New Testaments and
laundry soap to the many people
with disabilities who attended the
outreach in Fundong
Church and community leaders who
also attended the outreach in Belo
Some of those who
came to the Disability
outreach in FUndong