Project Reports
Efforts to promote disability awareness and special education training
through what is now
Crossing Bridges, Inc., began in Kenya in 1997,
through Dr. Anderson's work with Daystar University and Acorn Special
Tutorials. The work has continued with training visits nearly every year
since then. Haiti, Ghana, Cameroon, Ukraine and Serbia have been added to the outreach areas. Summary details of earlier trips can be found by clicking the links below.

   2014 Activities Reports (Summary)
   2013 Activities Reports (Summary)
   2012 Activities Reports (Summary)
   2011 Activities Reports (Summary)
   2010 Activities Reports (Summary)
   Summary of Activities: 2007-2009
   Kenya: September 2004
   Kenya: April 2005
   Cameroon: August 2005
   Kenya: August/September 2006
   Ukraine: 2006
"Bridges can be instruments of peace, for they join. They connect. They
assist. They enable. And they bring together."

Father Walter Rydzon
St Justin Parish
Pittsburgh Conference